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The Movement

One of my greatest goals with this book is to start a movement. I know it might sound grandiose, but if you don’t dream big, you might as well not dream at all. The movement I hope to cultivate is one that brings the art of letter writing back to the forefront of society. Imagine if we could all connect once again in the written form. Could it have a huge and lasting impact on how we perceive the world? I contend that it can. 


We are all more connected than ever before, yet we are more isolated. We receive updates from society but we share less of ourselves. Technology has taken over our senses and we have forgotten exactly how to connect. In fact, the word connection in itself has morphed. Connecting used to mean finding a real and absolute way to have a relationship with someone. Now it means, “Is there Internet here?” If the answer is no, we wonder, “How can I tweet a picture of the coffee I’m about to drink?” It may sound crazy, but this is an incredibly common mentality today—yet it’s no way to interact with our fellow human beings. We have to find a way to reconnect with ourselves and in turn, with those around us.


Think about this: Is there someone in your life with whom you wish you were still in contact? Is it a childhood friend? A teacher? A loved one? A family member? If you honestly reflect on it, is there someone you need to connect with to say thank you or I’m sorry or I miss you or simply hello? The beauty of recognizing this necessity and taking action is that one letter leads to an open heart, which leads to another letter. If that spirit can be cultivated, it can indeed turn into a movement, resulting in a writing revolution. 


This is precisely the transformation I envision coming from my father’s collection of letters—and the movement that could ensue. As you are inspired from this book to write your own letters, I urge you to submit them and the stories behind them at I will be creating a venue where people can connect in a meaningful way through the letters that have changed their lives. Yes, it’s a digital-based connection, but my hope is that it will be one with a purpose. As you discover common experiences and are enlightened by each other’s stories, my wish is that you will be touched by the raw emotion of the human spirit—precipitating health, healing, and joy in the process. 

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