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About Me


My name is Ashley Davis, author of A Life Through Letters. As a writer for more than 25 years, words have always been of great importance to me, especially when they take shape in the form of letter writing. As the son and grandson of teachers, the importance of communicating through the written and spoken word was ever-present; in fact, communicating through letters has always been part of my life.


I was born to two seminary students in Louisville, Kentucky. Soon thereafter, we left the Bluegrass State for stints in the fields of Indiana, the coal mines of West Virginia, and the mountains of Virginia. By the time I started kindergarten, we were firmly planted in North Carolina, where I have lived, loved, laughed, and learned ever since. After graduating from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, I began a career in media and advertising that has spanned the disciplines of creative writing, engineering, marketing, sales, management, and operations. It is this diversity of thought and experience that has afforded me success in the corporate world. Through it all, two things have always been present in my development: communication and relationships. Building and growing relationships is at the core of who I am; I believe it is the relationships we build that enable us to tap into our inner strengths and find success and happiness … but perhaps that’s just the middle child in me.

My greatest leadership task is as the father of two wonderful boys. Along with their incredible mother, taking them through their formative years of life will be a lasting legacy greater than anything I could have imagined. It is now and through them that I begin to understand the love my father always said he had for me.

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